Tariff Policy

Tour tariff is set by the government of Bhutan and it is mandatory for all tour operators to provide this set tariff to people traveling to Bhutan. Tariff is the same across all boards for tour, treks and any other special interests tours.


Bumrib Bhutan Travels will strive to abide by the government’s policy that epitomizes ‘high value low volume’ tourism, a policy that aims at sustainability and sensitivity even as the county realizes its huge potential for tourism development. In trying to strike a balance of preserving its heritage in a rapidly changing world, the government has long chosen authenticity and sensitivity as the overarching principle in the development of all tourism products. Minimum Tariff

The policy of value tourism is best supported by a system of a daily minimum price of US $ 250 per person per day for visits to Bhutan during the months of March, April, May, September and October. For rest of the months a daily minimum price of USD 200 is charged. The price also in a way limits the volume of visitors allowing exclusivity and care.

The daily minimum price is most often misinterpreted to be too high. The fee in fact covers a package that include all internal taxes and charges including royalty, accommodation, all meals, services of licensed guides, internal transport and camping equipment and haulage for trekking tours. The royalty portion goes to the government exchequer, which in turn mainly support free medical care, free education and other welfare schemes. All visitors in way therefore make valuable contribution to the welfare system of the country. The International Tourist Tariff is set by the Royal Government of Bhutan and is valid for all-inclusive package.

Royal Government of Bhutan royalty per tourist per night is US$65.

Note: The above rates are the same for cultural tours, treks or any other special interest tours.


Individual tourists and smaller groups of less than three persons shall be subject to surcharge, over and above the minimum daily rates applicable, as follows:

Single individual: US$ 40 per night
Group of 2 persons: US$ 30 per person per night
Single Room Supplementary: US$ 30 per night.
Bhutan Visa Fee: US$40
Tourism Development Fund: US$10

The surcharge will not be applicable to representatives of foreign travel agents on business study or promotional visit duly approved and cleared by Tourism Council of Bhutan.


Payment Procedure

Tour payment must be sent four weeks prior to date of arrival in Bhutan and visa is cleared by the Royal Government of Bhutan subject to advance payment only.
For high seasons, it is advisable to remit payment for Druk Air flights 8 months in advance. It will help us to manage confirmed seat.
Once the trip is confirmed we will send you instructions for making payment.

Mode of Payment

For any transactions from any place outside Bhutan and India, please request your bank to remit through Bhutan National Bank Ltd., using the following details.

1. Bank Address (Correspondent Bank):
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.,
One Madison Avenue, New York
NY 10010-3603
FED ABA: 026002561

2. Beneficiary Bank Account: 358-202-171-9001(USD A/C)

3. Beneficiary Bank:
Bhutan National Bank, P.O Box 439
GPO Building, Chang Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

4. Ultimate beneficiary:
Account # 0000700280809 maintained with BNB, Thimphu, Bhutan

Price Includes:

  • Tours specified in the itinerary.
  • Accommodation in Govt. approved hotels on twin sharing basis.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Land transport within Bhutan.
  • Trekking equipment like best sleeping tents, dining tents, kitchen tents, toilet tents, mattresses, and sheets.
  • Services of guides.
  • Trekking cooks and trek assistant.
  • Supply of pack and riding pony.
  • Museum and monument fees.

Price does not include:

  • Travel insurance.
  • Rescue operations by helicopter.
  • Airfare.
  • Transfer and services outside Bhutan.
  • Visa fee of US $ 40 per person and US $ 10 tourism development fund per person.
  • Wire transfer fee for transferring tour payment from your bank to Bhutan.
  • Excess baggage charges.

The rates given above are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. On the day of departure, the ‘local agents’ host obligation shall be limited to breakfast only and any extra requirements shall be payable on actual basis. The rates shall apply uniformly irrespective of locations and the type of accommodation provided/asked for. List of hotels and lodges approved for international tourist accommodation updated from time to time shall be issued by Tourism Council of Bhutan.


  1. There shall be no charge for CHILDREN up to the age of 5 years. However, those between the ages of 6-12 years accompanied by elders/ guardians shall be given 50% discount on daily rates.
  2. Full time STUDENTS below the age of 25 years holding valid identity cards from their academic institutions shall also be provided with a 25% discount on daily rates.
  3. A discount of 50% on daily rates shall be given to one person in a group of 11 to 15 people. 100% discount shall be given to one member in a group exceeding 16 persons.


Tour programs booked and later cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:

  • Within 30days of start of the program- no charges
  • Within 21 days- 10% of the rate
  • Within 14days-15% of the rate
  • Within 7 days-30% of the rate
  • Less than 7 days or without notice- 50% of the rate
  • After arrival in Bhutan- 100%